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Natural Beauty Tips

Cleansing Your Face! natural face beauty tips

Natural face cleansers have become something of a rage today and for good reason. First, having overused the chemically created solutions to maintain our beauty. we have come to the conclusion that our mother’s and her mother’s, and even the neighbor’s mother's ancient ways to stay beautiful were the better choices and second, as inflation is on a high it is more economical to not spend all that money on really expensive products, isn’t it?

We look at the people who have this amazingly soft skin and wonder if we can ever have that. We can, and very easily. We just have to do a little more than we do right now. Our current beauty regime includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. This is quite enough actually if done properly. There are a few things to consider to understand how you can make your beauty regime more effective because let’s face it…we don’t really have the time to sit for hours to pamper our skins, we have to make the best of the time we have. So let’s see what can be done:

    Understand Your Skin Type

    You use a cleanser, which is good but do you use the right cleanser that will not just clean your skin but also nurture it? Find out if you have dry, or combination, or oily skin. Then look at the cleansers that provide nourishment for your skin type. If you prefer to use the products from the market then, you could read the label, ask the salesperson, check with a skin specialist, and if you prefer homemade cleaners then you need to match the properties of your choice with the needs of your skin.

    For dry skin, ideally, at the store, you should look for a cleanser that has a creamy base to add moisture to your skin and not strip it off of whatever is left, if at home, then you look at milk.

    For oily skin, in the store, you may want to pick up water or gel-based cleansers and at home, you may want to look at a concoction of honey, skimmed milk, and apple vinegar, or a combination of buttermilk and crushed fennel seeds.

    For combinations of skin, you could choose from a variety of products on the market specifically made for this skin type and at home go for honey as it is great for combination skin. You could pair it with lemon juice and sugar to cleanse better.

    Do it Right

    Sometimes we may do the right things but not always do them the right way. A few things to be careful about while following a cleansing routine is:

    1.Do not cleanse your face too many times, you don’t need to.

    2..Always use lukewarm water for cleansing, warm water softens the skin and opens up the pores.

    3.Never sleep with your makeup on, when you sleep the skin’s pores relax too, how will they do it if they are all clogged with makeup? Cleanse your face each night.

    An easy method to get you started:

    1. Take a steamer or a bowl.
    2. Pour hot water into it (about a liter).
    3. Add a drop of jasmine essential oil, and 3 drops each of lavender and lemon essential oils.
    4. Steam your face with this, don’t forget deep breathing.
    5. After about 10 minutes of doing this, rinse your face with water and pat dry your face.
    6. Apply moisturizer.

    Caring for your skin is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Know your skin and treat it right, and it will begin to glow sooner than you think.

    Acne treatment - tips you can use

    Acne can be a nuisance and at times very embarrassing. Natural remedies to acne treatment are known to work well with all skin types. One thing about them is that they have no side effects, unlike medicated remedies. These remedies enhance overall health and beauty even for people with sensitive skin. Here are some tips that can help you heal your acne and prevent them in the future.

    Honey Mask:

    Apply a honey mask twice daily on your skin. This will act as a disinfectant and clear your skin of blemishes. Honey is gentle on sensitive skin and has antibacterial properties. Rinse with warm water and apply mild face cream. If you make use of beauty tips, remember the best are those that do not include the use of harsh products.


    Avoid applying heavy make-up on the affected skin. It is better to avoid making it altogether. Skincare products tend to block the skin pores on the face. You need these pores open for the skin to take out waste through sweat. Acne may also be caused by closed pores. If you absolutely need to wear make-up, ensure it is water-based.

    Beauty tips for face at home

    Keep your face looking young and vibrant

    To keep your skin looking fresh, young, vibrant, and healthy all year round, it is important to take good care of it. Looking after your skin, however, doesn’t need to be difficult. By taking very simple steps every day, you can be sure that your skin will be kept looking its best. From the top luxury salons popular with celebrities to skincare specialists in your local shopping mall, the same principle steps apply to get the best from your skin. The following steps outline a routine that can be done from your home.


    Step 1: Eye make-up remover:

    An eye makeup remover helps remove makeup around the eyes such as mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow.  A non-oily and non-greasy formulation are recommended as it is light on the eyes and leaves no residue.

    Step 2: Cleanser:

    Cleansers remove any surface debris, pollutants, excess oil, and surface skin cells from the skin. Cleansers are considered a better alternative to soap due to their natural PH level. The PH of a bar of soap will be around 9 or 10, whilst the skin has a PH of around just 5.5. A good cleanser will match the PH level of the skin.  

    Step 3: Toner:

    Toners can be applied via cotton discs or can be sprayed onto the face. Toners cool the face and help reduce the poor size of the skin. Many people tend to have open pores around the t-zone area on the face, with a normal to dry skin type on the cheeks. Natural toners include rose water, orange flower water, and witch hazel.  

    Step 4: Exfoliate:

    An exfoliator contains small particles which when glided over the face help remove the outer layer of the skin to reveal the newer skin beneath.  Using an exfoliator also helps the skin absorb other products such as a moisturizer.  Exfoliation is sufficient to be done weekly, as it may sensitize the skin if used every day.

    Step 5: Facial masque:

    Different masques may have a different action, or a combination of actions such as deep-cleansing, toning, nourishing, brightening, and refreshing. A facial mask can be used once to twice a week.

    Step 6: Moisturize:

    A well-moisturized skin will remain pliable, soft, and resilient. Many moisturizers contain oil and water to make an emulsion. The water content helps return lost moisture to the surface layers of the skin, while the oil content prevents moisture loss from the surface of the skin. A moisturizer will be the last thing applied in a skincare routine, and will also be the first thing applied before putting on makeup.  


    Step 7: Sun protection:

    Sun damage can be prevented by using sun protection lotion, spray, or gel. This can be applied to the skin to absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Apply sunblock to the face including the lips, or find a moisturizer with an added SPF.

    Following these steps, you will have the tools and advice needed to keep your skin in good condition all year round!!

    Note: - The information given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. So, requested to you consult a doctor or specialist before taking any treatment.

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