Home remedies to get rid of irregular period problem

Irregular period problem

Home remedies to get rid of irregular period problem

Home remedies to get rid of irregular period problems, Women undergo menstruation every month, which we call periods. This process is very important for women. This cycle lasts 3-5 days every month. During this cycle, women's ability to conceive increases. Irregular menstruation or periods is a common problem in women. This problem of irregular periods troubles almost every woman. By the way, the reason behind this problem of irregular periods can be our eating habits, anemia, i.e. loss of blood and stress, etc. in the body, besides poor lifestyle, menopause, weight gain or occurrence, and hormonal problems, etc., This problem can also occur.

By the way, it is not always necessary that periods always arrive on time. Sometimes it can be 1-2 days back and forth. It is too specific to be. Timing and regular menstruation are very good for a woman's health. But if your periods are too late or too late, it can have a very bad effect on your health. Women also have severe abdominal pain during periods or irregular periods. Many women continue to ignore this problem as a minor problem. But keep in mind that never ignore the problem of irregular periods. Otherwise, it can become a serious problem later. Many women also come under stress due to this. Incidentally, several types of medicines are available in the market to address the issue. To overcome this problem, you are afraid of going to the doctor, you can also take home remedies at home. You can easily get rid of this problem with the help of some home remedies at home. If the problem is more serious then a doctor is definitely needed.

    Quick tips

    1. Almost every woman has irregular periods.
    2. This problem is caused by wrong eating, lifestyle, and stress, etc.
    3. Anemia, weight gain or occurrence, and hormones, etc. are also caused by its occurrence.
    4. You can get rid of this problem easily by adopting these home remedies.

    Simple Home Remedies

    To get rid of irregular periods, follow these simple home remedies


    Cinnamon may prove to be a panacea in regulating irregular periods. Along with regularizing the periods, it helps prevent suffering in the same period. For this, mix half a teaspoon cinnamon powder in a glass of lukewarm milk. Apart from this, you can also consume it by adding lukewarm water. This will help you get relief from the problem of irregular periods. With this, you will also get rid of menstrual pain problems.

    Dry ginger or ginger

    Dry ginger or ginger is also considered helpful in controlling irregular periods. It is also beneficial in reducing pain in periods. You can eat it raw, or drink it after extracting its juice. Use of this will help in bringing your periods on time.


    If you also have problems with irregular periods, you can consume celery to avoid it. For this, chew 8-10 grams of Ajwain daily and after that drink a glass of milk. Doing this for a few days will get rid of this problem.


    Despite being small in size, sesame has many big benefits. These can easily relieve you from the problem of irregular menstruation. For this, boil about 20 grams of sesame in a glass of water. When the water remains half, add jaggery to it and consume it. You will get rid of irregular menstruation. Also, during this time you will get relief from pain.


    Turmeric is a flavor that not only helps regulate your period. Rather, it also helps to get rid of hormonal problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties also relieve pain during menstruation. To use it, you add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a glass of milk and mix it. You can also add 1 teaspoon honey or jaggery to it for taste. Take it continuously for a few weeks. You will get complete relief from this problem soon.

    Mustard seeds

    Firstly grind mustard or some mustard seeds and make powder. Now include this powder in your diet. You will benefit from using this powder regularly. Apart from this, you can also consume it by mixing carrot juice.

    Raw Papaya

    Raw papaya is a panacea to correct irregularities in periods. It is rich in nutritional elements like iron, carotene, calcium, vitamin A and more. Start eating raw papaya a few days before the period. Consume it continuously for a few months. By doing this you can get rid of this problem easily.

    Sugar beets

    Beetroot is very beneficial for our health. Also, it is considered good for getting rid of irregular periods. It contains a good amount of iron, folic acid, and many essential nutrients. Which are effective in regularizing irregular menstruation. Also, its regular intake helps in balancing the hormones. You can use it in any form of salad, vegetable, or juice.

    Basil leaves

    Basil leaves are also effective in getting rid of this problem. For this, first, boil 8-10 basil leaves in water. Drink this water regularly when it is cold. Doing this will remove the problem of irregular periods within a few weeks.

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    Precautions during periods

    These problems bother women during periods 

    Periods have an important part in the lives of women. If periods do not come at the right time, it can cause many health problems. Periods are sometimes very painful. Most girls and women complain of headaches, stomach cramps, and pain before periods begin. It is common to have these problems during periods. But if the problem is more and more frequent then it can be a sign of a health problem. Therefore, you need to know what problems occur during periods. So vital advances can be taken at the perfect time. It is also very important to take special care of health to overcome the physical weakness that comes at this time. It is very important to include nutrients in your diet during periods. Apart from this, light-weight exercise or doing yoga can also benefit from pain. So, let us tell you today what problems bother women during their periods.

    At this time, it is common to have breast, pelvic, back, and back pain. But there is nothing to worry about, this pain is cured by the end of periods.

    Apart from this, muscle pain, headache, and fatigue are felt during periods.

    Flatulence and loss of concentration due to pain are also included in problems during periods.

    Insomnia and irritability are also major problems these days. In such a situation, feeling like not talking to anyone, being rude and angry are common problems.

    Due to increased levels of progesterone in women during periods, extra tenderness in the breasts and heaviness in the breasts are also felt.

    Some women also complain of dryness in the eyes and skin during this period. This problem is usually heard in periods.

    Take these precautions during periods

    1.     If you have pain in the pelvis, you can compress with a bottle of hot water. This will give extraordinary alleviation in agony.

    2.     You can also do mild exercises if you have pain in periods. This will make you feel fresh and you will feel good.

    3.     During periods, take care not to carry too much heavy stuff.

    4.     During this, pay attention to your food. Use more liquid and nutritious substances.

    5.     Get plenty of rest and keep your body relaxed.

    Note: - The data given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. Thus, your request that you consult a doctor or a specialist before taking any treatment.

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