Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Loss And Hair Damage

How to prevent  Hair Loss

Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Loss And Hair Damage

Yes, you Can its an easy way to Prevent Hair Loss And Hair Damage. There is hardly anyone in this changing age who does not desire thick, strong, and healthy hair. But the problem of hair loss at an early age due to changing lifestyle, food, polluted environment, change in hormones is a common thing. Due to untimely loss or hair becoming white, a person starts to look older than his real age and his confidence is also affected. If you are also very much troubled by the problem of hair fall and falling and want to get rid of this problem, today we are going to tell you some easy and panacea tips so that you can treat your hair fall problem at home.

Learn why your hair falls

  1. Causes of heredity, mental stress, or discomfort
  2. Due to high dandruff problem
  3. Due to eating more oily and spicy food
  4. Insufficient sleep and uncontrolled eating
  5. Washing with a poor quality shampoo and no oil in hair
  6. Stay in the sun longer
  7. Causes of smoking or other intoxicants
  8. Due to the polluted environment
  9. In pregnancy or during treatment of cancer

How to prevent hair loss and loss Tips

Whisk the raw egg thoroughly and apply it to your hair. The yellow part of the egg gives vitamins and fats to the hair and the white part gives protein to the hair, which will stop hair fall and avoid hair fall and breakage.

  1. Apply fresh Amla juice to your hair. This will prevent your hair fall and breakage.
  2. Make a banana paste and mix lemon juice in it and rub it well in your hair.
  3. Apply curd in your hair if it is too sour.
  4. Soak fenugreek seeds and make a paste and apply it to the hair roots.
  5. Heat coconut oil lightly and massage it well into the roots of the hair at night.
  6. Make onion juice and rub the hair well before sleeping at night and wash your hair early in the morning.
  7. Always carry an umbrella before going out, or cover your head well.
  8. Use of good quality shampoo, conditioner, etc. products.
  9. To prevent hair breakage, take plenty of food containing protein, iron, zinc, sulfur, vitamin C, and vitamin B in the diet.
  10. You should comb your hair at least 2-3 times a day, this will make your hair less tangled and your hair will break less.

Choosing a hair salon

The hair is every woman’s beauty. Women spend a lot of time in hair salons for their hair care, nail care, skin care, make-up tips, and general health and beauty tips. Choosing a hair salon is therefore very important. Given the different hair and skin types, one needs to consider several factors before making a choice. Whichever choice you make, always go for a place that makes you happy. Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind before you settle on one.


Hygiene is very important. Most people tend to overlook this with the assumption that all is well. Everyone should check and ensure cleanliness is maintained. As a matter of fact, people with all skin types are affected by improper hygiene; not only people with sensitive skin types. Most of the equipment in the hair salon is shared between various clients. If they are not cleaned well, they may cause skin problems especially acne. Getting acne treatment can also prove to be a nightmare if not well managed even though there are numerous skincare tips and products in the market today. You should therefore ensure that the items used on you are disinfected. You may opt to carry your own just to be sure. You do not have to share combs, towels, make-up kits, and so forth.


Whichever salon you settle for, always make sure you are comfortable. This is in regard to their staff, hairdressing methods, customer relations, equipment being used, and product range. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, ask the hairdresser to address your concern. Chances are you will not be satisfied with the overall outcome no matter how great a hairdo you may have once it is finished if your concern is not addressed. Look for a place where your comfort, needs, and expectations are met. You should not settle for less.


You do not need to drive endlessly when going to your favorite salon. Look for one that is near your home or place of work. This, of course, can be overlooked if there is none in your area that offers the services you seek for. This will help you cut down the cost of fuel as well as save you a lot of time.


You do not have to pay tooth and nail for a hairdo. Times are hard in these economic times. It is advisable to compare prices from various hairdressers and settle for the most affordable one.  Do not disregard the quality of service as you seek a cheaper salon though. It is better to pay more and get valuable services.


Avoid hairstyles that come to the face. Haircare products contain oil that can contribute to skin breakouts. Hold your hair back if it is long. For better results, wash your hair daily and after a workout. When you are choosing a hair salon, keep in mind, the best are those with high hygienic standards. While your hair is being processed, ask your attendant as much as possible to avoid contact with your face.

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Note: - The data given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. Thus, your request that you consult a doctor or a specialist before taking any treatment.

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