Make Your Mind Fast Like Computer Just Use These Tips

Your brain smarter and faster

Make Your Mind Fast Like Computer Just Use These Tips

The brain is the most important part of our body because without it no part of our body can function. It is very important to have a sharp mind to move forward in life. Also, if your mind is sharp then you can do any work very easily and you can face the biggest crisis easily. That is why everyone wants his mind to be agile, fit, and computer-sharp at all times. Everyone wishes that the memory is always sharp, but this is not possible because, with aging, the process of formation of cells starts decreasing. And nowadays lifestyle like sleeping late at night, using junk foods more and staying under more stress makes our brain weak at an early age. People always use many types of tips to make the mind fit and sharp but it is not possible due to lack of proper food and drink. So, today we are going to make you aware of ways to speed up your mind. If you want your brain to run faster than the computer, then read the following instructions carefully and include them in your routine.

Measures to make the brain faster like a computer

Pistachio, figs, almonds, avocados, flaxseeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds are all very beneficial in enhancing memory. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants are found in high amounts these which help in the conduction of oxygen and the development of the brain properly.


    Almonds are very effective in sharpening the mind and boosting memory. It is better to use them soaked for better results. Soak 8-10 almonds in water at night and drink them in the morning by peeling and grinding them.


    Walnuts, like almonds, are very useful in sharpening the mind and increasing memory. Those who have problems forgetting should eat 4-5 walnuts daily.


    Saffron can be used to sharpen the mind as well as get rid of stress, tension, insomnia, and quick temper. Consuming it with milk is very beneficial.


    There are many types of antioxidants and antibiotics in Tulsi, hence the intake of them increases the brain and also keeps the flow of blood in our body.


    Turmeric has many such qualities that help keep the mind healthy. The element called Curcumin present in turmeric helps enhance our memory. You can also use it by adding 1-2 spoons of milk.


    Fish contains omega-3 acid which makes the brain sharp.


    Amla has many ingredients that protect us from many diseases. Drinking amla juice mixed with honey relieves the problem of forgetting.


    Milk contains many nutritious elements and a high amount of calcium which is very beneficial for our bones as well as our brain. Drinking honey mixed with milk increases the memory of children.


    Eating curd is very beneficial for us. Eating yogurt daily is very beneficial to protect children from stress.

    Vegetables To Keep Your Brain Healthy

    Eat These Vegetables To Keep Your Brain Healthy

    Green vegetables also contribute to keeping the mind relaxed and healthy. Green vegetables are rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and phytonutrients, and vitamin C, which helps in the formation of brain cells. Along with this, whole grains are also helpful in boosting the mind because it is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

    We can make nutritious bread, paratha or puri, etc. with whole grains. Although all the green vegetables are beneficial for us, some of these which are helpful in sharpening the mind are given below.


    Spinach contains plenty of mineral salts and vitamins, in addition to this, spinach also has many properties. Spinach contains calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and mineral salts. Also, various mineral salts like calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, etc. are found in plenty in spinach which helps to increase the memory power of our brain.


    There is definitely a bit bitter in eating radish, but listening to the benefits of eating it removes all the bitterness. The year-round radish is also rich in nutrition. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, energy, minerals, calcium, fiber, phosphorus, noises, vitamin C, iron, carotene, and water are abundant in the nutrients found in radish which are very important and beneficial for our brain.


    If it is cold weather and there are mustard greens and cornbread in the food, then what to say about the taste of the food. Apart from being delicious, it is also very beneficial for our health. Mustard contains elements like protein, fiber, vitamin C, niacin, potassium, iron, and alkaloids which are very beneficial in increasing brainpower.


    Turnip is a very low-calorie vegetable and is considered a very good source of anti-oxidant, mineral, vitamin-C, and fiber. Its intake increases immunity in the body and protects the body from harmful free radicals, cancer, and inflammation. Turnips are actually a storehouse of many important nutrients. Its roots have many times more minerals and vitamins than a turnip. It is also an excellent source of important minerals like calcium, copper, iron, and manganese which are beneficial for our brain.


    The antioxidants present in carrots are also very helpful in speeding up the brain and improving the skin. You can eat this in the same way or you can drink it by making salad or juice.


    Tomatoes contain lycopene, which helps in the growth of brain cells.

    Sugar beets

    Beetroot is also a panacea to speed up the brain because it contains an element called nitrate, nitrate helps in oxygen circulation in the brain and helps the brain to develop properly.

    Exercising the brain

    Just as regular physical exercise is required for a healthy, fit, and strong body; mental exercise is essential to retain and even enhance cognitive powers for elderly citizens. Aging is usually associated with several physical and mental disabilities, reducing the general quality of life for the elderly. Although these disabilities cannot be completely avoided, their occurrence can be significantly delayed. Mental problems such as lethargic thinking, memory loss, reduced cognition, absentmindedness, poor judgment, and childish behavior are quite common. Severe mental illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and amnesia can spoil any chances of living a long, healthy, and happy life.

    It is therefore imperative to use the brain to accomplish a variety of tasks, the alternative is losing mental control altogether. Several exercises can jog the memory, and keep it strong and functioning properly. Our brain is a magnificent masterpiece, with several disparate functions for handling tasks such as remembering events, logical analysis, verbal ability, body movements, perception, time-space distinction, structure and shape recognition, and sensory representation. Brain exercises aim to enhance all these areas of the mind, which tend to diminish over time.

    The following exercises should be performed by the elderly to maintain cerebral fitness by building new brain cells and keeping the mind alive:

    •  Improving memory - There are four main types of memory, short-term, long-term, visual, and auditory, which need to be improved by the elderly.

    a)  Short-term memory - This type of memory is volatile working memory, lasting only for a few seconds or minutes. If someone utters a statement, you can remember the exact contents of the statement for a brief period of time. To improve this memory, try to pay attention to and then recall specific words spoken by an individual.

    b)  Long-term memory - This type of memory can last for days, weeks, and even years. To improve this type, try to memorize a statement or a list of unrelated objects, and then recall them after a week or a month.

    c)  Visual memory - This type of memory is used to remember objects or people we see. To improve this type, try to remember the faces of strangers, or new people you meet, along with their names. Try recalling the image of the face associated with each name. You can even try this with different objects.

    d)  Auditory memory - This type of memory helps you remember what you have heard. To improve this memory, listen to a speech or news on the radio, and try to understand the meaning. Try to recall the news or speech after a few days. You can even try identifying people by hearing their voices on the telephone.

    • Logical analysis - This function of the brain is used to rationalize and draw logical conclusions. Games such as crosswords, puzzles, jumbles, card games, word puzzles, and strategy games improve logical abilities. Play Chess, bridge, checkers, or Mahjong to improve this ability.

    •  Verbal ability - This function helps you speak or write correctly using appropriate words. You will need to pick words stored in long-term memory and use them in the short-term context. Try thinking of synonyms and antonyms of any word, and form correct statements. Try to write the gist of the book you have recently read.

    •  Time-space distinction - This function helps you to distinguish between past, present, and future, and near and far objects. Try to remember an event from the past. Think of your goals in the future, and observe events occurring in your present. Pick any object in the room, close your eyes, and try to think of how near or far it is from you.

    •  Structure and shape recognition - This function helps you determine the shape and structure of an object. To improve this type, solve jigsaw puzzles in the minimum possible time.

    Note: - The data given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. Thus, your request that you consult a doctor or a specialist before taking any treatment.

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