Keep Your Feet Strong Exercise Walking Regularly

Keep Your Feet Strong - Exercise Walking Regularly

As you get older, your feet should always be strong. There is no reason to fear because your hair turns white or your skin becomes dull and wrinkled as you age or grow. According to the American magazine Prevention. Strong leg muscles are one of the most important signs of life.

If your legs do not move for two weeks, your strength will decrease by 10 years. A study by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark has found that in both young and old. if the movement of the legs is stopped for two weeks. The strength of the leg muscles will decrease by one-third, ie by 20/30 years. Once your leg muscles are weak, it takes a long time to recover. Then no matter how much you try to move or exercise like before, it does not matter much.

So regular walking exercise is very important. Your entire body weight/weight falls on the feet or the legs have to bend. Your feet are like poles. Who carries the weight of your body. The fun is that 50% of the bones of the body and 50% of the muscles are in both our legs. The strongest joints and bones in the human body are also in the legs.


There is a triangle carrying a significant weight on the human body. 

Which is made up of strong bones, strong muscles, and elastic joints.

About 70% of the human body's speed and energy is spent on two legs. Do you know that a young man's thighs are strong enough to carry a small car? Legs are the center of body movement.

Both legs comprise 50% of the total veins of the body, 50% of blood vessels, and 50% of the blood flowing through them. It is a large communication network that connects the body. Blood flow remains only when the legs are strong. So those whose leg muscles are strong. Their heart is definitely strong. Aging starts at the feet and goes up from the feet. As we age, the accuracy and speed of the message from foot to the brain decrease. This was not the case in youth. Too, calcium in the body, which is believed to be the protector of bones, is sometimes destroyed over time. So fracture occurs early in the elderly. 

Bone fractures can cause a range of complications in the elderly. Especially life-threatening diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage. Your feet are like poles. Who carries the weight of your body. Even if your feet are getting old over time, leg exercises should be a lifelong activity. Even just by increasing the strength of the feet, aging can be prevented. Walk for at least 30/40 minutes every day so that the feet get enough exercise to keep the leg muscles strong. 

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