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Children's brain development and children's food

By eating this food together, you get double Nutrition, be sure to include it in your children's diet!

Eating a healthy diet at an early age can help you stay healthy and healthy in the future. There are some such Food combinations. Who provides Nutrients to children. Which helps in developing their Brain. To develop the brain of children, we should pay attention to their food and drink. We should pay more attention to the physical development of our children. We should also pay attention to the vision of children. Because a Child's vision development is as important as his or her physical development.


But children do their own thing. And children always get their say. They do not listen to anyone. Insist on eating outside of junk food. Children ask for wafers, samosas, cream biscuits, chaat every day. This is why weight gain occurs. The stages of development of a child are very important. They only develop from the growth of physical development that occurs in childhood development. Many parents complain that their children do not eat anything good.

We have to feed our babies not only healthy but also good tasty food. That's why children also like to eat it. Too, children also decide. What they want to eat or not depends on how the dish looks. And if that dish is bad to see. So children do not eat such a dish at all. So parents should always concentrate on giving their children the same combination of dishes. But usually many parents do not know much about it. They do not know which combination the children will like.

Sometimes due to misinformation, parents allow their children to eat the wrong combination of food. We should also pay attention to the emotional development of children. The emotional development of children comes from good values in their family. Due to which children can also suffer physical pain. So parents need to know about it. If you do not even know which food combination to give to children. So today we are going to tell you about it in detail. These food combinations will definitely be beneficial for the health of children as well. Let us see how to provide proper nutrition to children in such cases. Know which foods can give children more nutrition by eating together.

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Eat nutritiously

Before going to school: Send the children to school with breakfast in the morning. If their stomach is full, they can fill their stomach by eating sandwiches in the middle of the holiday.

Schedule meals: If you want to get out of the habit of eating out when you are hungry. So prepare what you want to feed them at home. Provide small pills when you feel hungry. Keep fresh fruits, nuts, cereal biscuits, soy wafers, yogurt in your children's bags, in their room, or in the car. Apart from this, keep them with a bottle of water.

Keep snacks away: Keep pills, chocolates, cookies, and cold drinks out of the reach of children. So that when they feel hungry they do not want to eat it.

Find alternatives: If some of the children's habits cannot be eliminated. So find alternatives for them. If they have a habit of dipping biscuits in milk. So try to give them healthy muffins or cereal biscuits. If you have a habit of eating ice cream in the evening. So try making fresh fruit smoothies as an alternative.

Wear it: It is okay to eat junk food once in a while. But their continued inclusion in the diet can be a factor in children's health. Also, try to get rid of the wrong eating habits.

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Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. It provides antioxidants, various types of vitamins, fiber, and water to the child's body. You can choose your child's favorite vegetables and fruits. And feed her child a salad. Many children like to eat salad. But they choose their favorite fruits and vegetables. So if you make and serve a special salad of their favorite vegetables and fruits. So it will definitely show its benefits.

Oats and milk

Yes, a mixture of oats and milk is also good for the health of young children. Oats contain magnesium. And if you give these oats to the children with milk. So the amount of calcium in them increases. Eating oats and milk together also provides vitamin B. And keeps bones healthy. To make this mixture more special, you can also add dry fruits to it. This will make the children eat this dish more furiously.

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Red lentils and yam

If you are looking for a fiber-rich meal for your child, then lentils are the best option. In this regard, lentils and yam are an ideal combination. Red lentils are low in sodium and saturated fat but are high in potassium, folic acid, and fiber. You can make delicious dishes for children by making a variety of efforts on yam and red lentils. So try this different combination and make your children healthy.

Rice and cereal

A combination of rice and grains, which are rich in protein, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Caters to the needs of these children. Children love to eat rice. And you can add grains to make the dish healthy and tasty. This will give a lot of energy to the child's body. This combination should be given to children especially at dinner. Many experts recommend giving this type of food to young children. This is because it is a sattvic diet. And the elements not found in other foods are found in rice and grains. So if you are still not giving this food to your child. So start giving it to your child as soon as possible.

Fish, Meat, and Eggs

If your household is a non-vegetarian and you eat less vegetarian food, then try to give more and more of this group to your children. But you must keep in mind that these foods should not be very spicy or oily at all. These foods provide a large number of nutrients that a child needs. These are three such foods. With whom, you can make many nutritious and healthy dishes for your child. So the church should always give such a diet to its children and should focus on making them healthy.

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A variety of foods are available as an alternative to junk food. They taste good. And are healthy so they can be given to children.

Many options are available like Khakra, Diet Bhel, Soya Biscuits, Baked Chakli, Sweet Dates.

Feeding a handful of dry fruits instead of wafers may be beneficial.

Cold drinks can be taken with fruit juices, coconut water, and lemon water.

Now you know what should be the development of children.

Be careful:

When buying any food, check the ingredients and then buy. Buy low-fat foods only. When you are sure they are. If you have bad eating habits, they will last a lifetime. So get good habits right from the beginning. This will benefit your body. If you become accustomed to these habits as a child then they will support you throughout your life.

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