Asthma Symptoms causes Treatment

What is asthma? asthma symptoms, and asthma treatment? What are the symptoms of Asthma?

Asthma disease is a long-lasting disease. The word asthma comes from the Greek "asthma". Which means shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing. The term asthma was already used by the Greek physician Hippocrates in antiquity.

How common is asthma?

Asthma is a very common disease in many other countries. Strong growth has occurred especially in the last half-century. Today, the world population accounts for about eight percent of asthma. The figure applies to both children and adults. Preliminary data shows that the upward trend has broken in the last few years.

The reason for the rise in the incidence of asthma is still unclear. This development occurred mainly in the industrialized countries of the world. This means that it is suspected to be a factor in the Western way of life. This may be due to exposure to cigarette smoke. Smoke emanating from motor vehicles. And there are reasons for changes in dietary habits. And some possible causes of contagious infectious panoramas are discussed.

    Asthma Symptoms



    Episodes of breathlessness

    Recurrent wheezing or wheezing sound

    In more severe forms of asthma disease usually, resolve all the above symptoms occur. But in milder forms occur perhaps only one or few symptoms. Sometimes only trouble occurs with coughing and wheezing on exertion. In other cases, recurrent bronchitis is caused only by the onset of asthma. Which can be misunderstood as a respiratory infection.

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    Various forms of asthma

    Asthma occurs in many different forms. The term “asthma” means “shortness of breath” or “labored breathing”. Before, the term “cardiac asthma” when the breathing problem was due to heart failure. It could be distinguished from asthma caused by constricted windpipe, “asthma” or “bronchial asthma.” Today these terms are rarely used. With asthma referred to today only the disease caused by bronchial problems.

    There are many indications that asthma based on the airway is not a uniform disease. Although there are many common symptoms, changes in lung function. And tissue changes that make asthma can be termed as a disease. But asthma can manifest simultaneously in so many diverse ways. That the person may also talk about various forms or subtypes of asthma.

    Allergic or non-allergic asthma

    Asthma can be allergic or non-allergic. Allergic causes of asthma are predominant in children and adolescents. Adults constitute allergic asthma, yet, only about 40 percent of all asthma. The predominant form of asthma in adults is thus non-allergic asthma. The non-allergic form of asthma is not affected by pollen or furry animals, which is not always known.

    Effort Asthma

    Stress is a common cause of asthma symptoms in all forms of asthma. Effort Asthma is usually called asthma that only emerges during physical exertion. These are likely to trigger asthma symptoms. Such as shortness of breath during physical exertion. Drying of the lining of the airways occurs with the amount of breathing.

    Night Asthma (wheezing)

    Night Asthma is sometimes breathing problems that come at night, often in the wee hours. Nocturnal asthma, but, is not a particular form of asthma disease. But there is a sign that asthma is under poor control. And this is a warning sign. The prevalence of nocturnal symptoms should lead to a correction of the treatment.

    Occupational Asthma

    Occupational asthma is caused by factors at work. It can be from cattle or animals or allergic chemicals. Such as industry or hairdressers may be allergic. It is estimated that approximately 15 percent of all asthma is occupational.

    Salicylastma and other drug-induced asthma

    Salicylatoma is a form that is present in a small proportion of people suffering from asthma. But it is very important to know. Due to intolerance to aspirin or related drugs. These substances can trigger severe asthma attacks. The related preparations are called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs). They are used in inflammatory joint diseases and tissue. And often also for temporary swelling in the muscles or joints, for example in sports.

    Symptoms of asthma can also be triggered as a side effect of beta-blocking drugs used to treat high blood pressure and heart problems. Even small doses of beta-blockers in the form of eye drops may cause worsening asthma.

    Asthma severity

    Asthma disease occurs in very different degrees of difficulty in different people. Severity can vary from time to time depending on factors such as respiratory infections, allergies, pregnancy, and more. Upon graduation of asthma, an assessment of severity is required to keep symptom type and frequency, lung function, and the scope of asthma medication in check.

    A rough estimate is that about 60 percent of all asthma is mild type, 30 percent moderate, and 10 percent of severe type. Because asthma is so common. Today still represents a small proportion of the percentage of severe asthma at about 70 000 people.

    Triggering torque

    Exposure to allergens is a common cause of Trigger asthma. The main allergens are pollen and animal fur. Pollen from birch in early summer, and the grass during the summer, often causing asthma symptoms also to symptoms from the eyes and nose.

    Cat and dog

    Cat and dog top the list of allergenic fur. Cat and dog allergens are not only the home of cat and dog owners but also in symptomatic levels in kindergartens and schools. The allergen is applied to these institutions from their homes in clothes and hair.

    Virus Infections

    Viral infections in the form of the common cold are a common cause of deterioration in people with asthma. Respiratory tract infections occur in adults with non-allergic asthma. The most common cause of acute symptoms needs the attention of a physician.

    Air pollution

    Traffic is today the main source of air pollution. In urban areas with high traffic density, high levels of nitrogen dioxide, and respirable particles. People with asthma are particularly sensitive to air pollution. And can sometimes be affected by air pollution levels even under currently applicable limits. Tobacco smoke in indoor environments is another important air pollution source.

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    Who gets asthma?

    Asthma symptoms usually appear in childhood and adolescence. It is more common in boys than in girls up to the age of puberty. Then, the position is reversed. There will be about 10 new cases per 1,000 individuals per year as age 7. New cases of asthma then decrease with age and are about 2 new cases per 1,000 individuals per year in middle age. Although it is unusual so can asthma debut including older persons (60 +).

    Asthma in children has a relatively good prognosis. Among school children with asthma is about half trouble-free at age 20. Total recovery of adults with asthma is uncommon. It is estimated that less than one percent is healthy per year.

    For all, young and old, comes to modern asthma treatment asthma in most cases kept under good control.


    The diagnosis of asthma is based on a combination of medical history, physical examination with an interception of breath sounds (lungaskultation), and lung function measurement. If doubt exists, special studies with inhalation tests (histamine/methacholine or dry air) are required to assess bronchial sensitivity. Furthermore, the measurement of exhaled nitric oxide contributes to the diagnosis.

    When asthma is identified. So always determine if asthma is allergic. It should be determined if it is or non-allergic in nature.

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    What are the asthma attack symptoms? What happens during an asthma attack?

    What to do for an asthma attack? (asthma attack, asthma symptom)

    Asthma Early Warning Signs

    Asthma assaults seldom happen without warning. Ahead of a person begins, you could possibly:

    Not experience hungry

    Really feel drained or have hassle sleeping

    Cough frequently

    Have a very headache

    Get dim circles under your eyes.

    Wheeze and truly feel incredibly weak or tired once you work out

    Identify the indicators. And you can continue to keep yourself away from the crisis of bronchial asthma.

    A Cough That Doesn’t Go Away:

    Signs of a bronchial asthma assault can change from a single assault to another. One time you might have little or no coughing beforehand. The next time, You could have a cough that you merely cannot do away with, In particular during the night time. An asthma cough is generally dry and hacking. If you have just one that does not go away after other cold indicators. So go on for a long time, which can state asthma. Stay away from using cough medication to sense improvement. It won’t assist asthma.

    Measurable Adjustments with your Respiratory:

    A peak move meter can Enable you to know if an attack is about to happen. Make sure You usually know the amount that displays your very best respiratory.

    If the Peak Move Meter reveals the number between 50% and 80% of your personal. So an asthma attack has almost certainly started.

    A variety underneath 50% suggests a crisis. Make use of your rescue inhaler, and demand enable without delay.

    When you are having trouble breathing or talking. When you want to breathe, or in this event, your lips are blue or gray. Use your rescue inhaler as you look forward to helping. Or call the doctor immediately.

    Abide by Your Bronchial asthma Motion System:

    A motion system lets you know how to manage the indicators of an asthma attack.

    According to your peak movement numbers, it shows you what medicines to take and when. It is important to follow its methods. And choosing your remedies especially when your health practitioner informs you.

    When your point of view your indicators still deteriorate. So join your bronchial asthma health practitioner. Your preparation must have Directions for emergencies, as well.

    Trouble Respiratory:

    All through the bronchial asthma attack, the muscles in the airways tighten. And the airway lining is also swollen.

    The airways make too much mucus, which can block the air tubes in the lungs.

    Air gets trapped while in the lungs, and it will get hard to breathe.

    Wheezing might be the main symptom you detect. But since the attack gets even worse, you may really feel more upper body tightness and shortness of breath. Sooner or later, you could feel like You can not get ample air.

    Posture Adjustments:

    When somebody is owning issues of respiration, he might lean ahead, talk in a single text in place of sentences, and get very agitated. As the condition will get worse, he could possibly hunch in excess with his arms supporting his higher physique. This is known as the tripod posture.

    Upper body and Neck Retractions:

    When It really is hard to breathe, the tissue during the chest and neck might sink in with Each individual breath. This is termed refraction. Retractions suggest not enough air is moving into the lungs. They’re a sign of the healthcare crisis. Or call the doctor without delay. In youngsters, other signs that respiratory is obtaining even worse are:

    Very poor appetite

    Experience exhausted

    Not as Lively as normal

    Blue Lips or Fingernails:

    Blue or gray lips or fingernails are a sign that there’s not plenty of oxygen within your blood. The ailment is termed cyanosis. If it happens, you must get health-related help instantly. Call the doctor without delay.

    Other Signs of Bronchial asthma Emergencies:

    Get emergency help simultaneously When you’ve got any of those symptoms:

    Difficulties talking

    Won’t be able to exhale or inhale

    Shortness of breath

    Feelings of panic or panic

    Coughing that will not stop

    Pale, sweaty deal with

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    Note: - The information given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. So, I requested that you consult a doctor or specialist before taking any treatment.

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