The secret of longevity depends on blood vessels

Blood vessels function

Age is not a hindrance to your life! The secret of your longevity depends on your blood vessels. If they are clean and healthy. So you can live 120 years and even more. And can feel completely healthy. Cardiologists confirm this statement in the same way.

It is very easy. The function of all types of organs and systems that occur in the body depends on the quality of blood circulation. Blood circulation means the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs. And there is also a collection of carbon dioxide and metabolic products. In childhood, adolescence, puberty, we walk more. Veins are elastic and clean. The nutrition of the organs is most. With age, we decrease walking. And dirt starts to accumulate in our veins. It causes many diseases. All the harmful habits only. Such as smoking, unhealthy food, poor environment, no sedentary lifestyle. Rather the accumulation of natural lipids - a process that occurs in all organisms.

What do 'dirty' blood vessels mean? Imagine some pipes filled with rust. What does it contain Water pressure increases? And the water gets spoiled. The same thing happens with blood vessels. When cholesterol or other substances accumulate on them. Then the pressure increases. High blood pressure occurs due to dirty nerves. And this is the main reason. Blood contains impurities. Circulatory failure is high.  As a result, all the organs and systems of the body undergo changes. Even the skin is a system.

The human body becomes old. If you are careful and you clean your blood vessels. So you are likely to live at least 20 years without pain in the limbs or joints. And the body will continue to function well. In other words, cleaning of blood vessels. Can prolong your life and health. And this is not a theory.


In this way, dirt accumulates in the veins. If you have never cleaned your blood vessels. And you are over 40 years old. So they contain many impurities. It can affect your health. And this process has already started.

If you have a dirty blood vessel in your body. So what kind of distortion can be possible from them?

as already mentioned. The whole body is suffering. But first of all, the organs and systems related to blood circulation fall prey to it. Such as the cardiovascular system.

Impurities from the blood vessels can cause the following diseases:

Atherosclerosis - The veins stop functioning well. The small veins are completely closed. And high levels of cholesterol are present in the main veins.

Ischemic heart disease - This is due to regular blood loss in the coronary vessels. Which, in turn, develops due to impurities from the vessels.

Shock - Loss of blood supply to brain tissue leads to death at the end of the nervous system. Due to this, some functions of our body are damaged.

Hypertension - Impurities in blood vessels increase lumen contraction. And blood pressure also rises.

Varicose veins - They appear inside the body, not on the feet (which is dangerous for women). Piles are also a result of this.

Venous and arterial thrombosis - thrombi are formed due to the accumulation of impurities in the blood vessels. And which gives rise to death factors. Which can cause the death of a group of cells in an organism. If a thrombus is formed. And mixes in the blood. Can then block the blood vessels in the heart. Cardiac arrest may occur. In which the patient dies in 70% of the cases.

Heart of dead woman due to cardiac arrest.

A 53-year-old man who has suffered trauma. Stroke leads to uncertainty in all cases. These patients need special care. The reason for this is the blocking of blood vessels.

These pictures show this danger. That the filth accumulated from the blood cells damages the health. And how much it reduces your life.


Many women suffer from varicose veins. This problem is also a direct result of this mess.

This situation is spreading. Heart diseases are responsible for 4 times more deaths than other causes. Doctors are aware of this. They know the cleanliness of the necessary blood vessels. But for some reason, Indian medicine neglects this aspect. Most doctors prescribe measures to lower blood pressure. In the event of high blood pressure.  But, these are not for treatment. But they have a temporary effect. It is most important to clean our blood vessels. By the way, this method has been used by all people in America and Europe for 35-60 years or half a century. All patients there are aware of the need to clean the blood vessels. I kept asking myself all the time why this does not happen in our country.

Are there any symptoms that make us feel about the presence of deposits in the blood vessels?

Of course, there are - the main characteristics are:


Memory weakening

Excessive fatigue


Sex issues

Vision and hearing disorders

high blood pressure

Shortness of breath and angina pectoris

The yellow skin color on the feet

Muscle and joint pain

Even if you have one of these symptoms. After the age of 30, it is necessary to clean the blood vessels at least once in 5 years. In this way, you will be in good health.

Blood vessels have the ability to collect impurities. Especially in older people. For this, it is not necessary to eat burgers or french fries throughout the day. Even after eating sausage or fried egg. A certain amount of cholesterol will accumulate in the blood cells. Which will increase over time.

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Note: - The information given here is the same as the advice. We do not pressurize you for any of these treatments. So, requested to you consult a doctor or specialist before taking any treatment.

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